Radionic Internet Services

Hello dear reader,
here comes up a service portal for Radionic Practitioners.

Soon we will offer the following services:

  1. Radionic Literature Recherche
    You can search the most (perhaps all) radionic books published in German.

  2. Radionic Diagramm Service
    With the help of this service you can create public apt diagrams of your results for presentation for your clients. Horizontal und vertical bar diagrams and pie diagrams are possible.

  3. Radionic Analysissheet Service
    is for students of the School of Radionics of the Radionic Association. By entering of the necessary values a pdf-file with exact graphs is generated, which you need for examining the state of your client. This function enables you also to enter two more re-analyses.

  4. The Cosmic Rays Service is a questionnaire for a selftest or a test for your client. It investigates your personal ray and allows via displaying of the fraction of the other rays conclusions of the structure of the personality.

  5. The Chakra Strain Service delivers after answering a questionaire of key questions a public apt graphic, which shows the deviation of the seven major chakras from normality.

  6. With the Horse Analysis Service a detailed analysis is carried out. The results are returned in a publicly apt, graphical form. With this output you can show your clients any correlation much better, as if you only would explain them.

  7. Radionic Practitioner Register
    With the categories picture, name, postcode, country, telephone, email, qualification, radionic experience, radionic instrument und spezialization (human, animals, plants/soil, companies etc.) a register for customers/clients/patients shall be created, which spreads information about the existence of radionic practitioners and offers eligibility criteria the user can sort.

For all services devoid of the search function a fee is required.